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"Invited session: Advanced DSS in complex industrial and management systems,
12th LSS 2010 Symposium Lille , France

Attending ICT Action IC0602 „Algorithmic Decision Theory“

Understanding Intelligent and Complex Systems

ETECA 2009 International Workshop


"Decision support systems" monography made by Acad. Florin Gh. FILIP

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"" award offered to "Computer assited Decision"

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elaborated papers

A. PhD. Theses

  1. Luminta DUTA
  2. Constantin B. ZAMFIRESCU

B. Other papers

  1. F. Bobosatu, L. Duta,
    Environment web-based decision support system
  2. Luminita Duta, Adrian BITULEANU,Florin Gheorghe FILIP, Ion ISTUDOR
    EComputer based decision support for Railroad Transportation System - an Investment case study
  3. Mihai BIZOI
    Sistem suport pentru decizii bazat pe comunicatii - rezultate experimentale
  4. Ana SUDUC
    Interfata avansata a unui SSD - rezultate experimentale
  5. Constantin BALA ZAMFIRESCU, Luminita DUTA, Barna IANTOVICS
    The cognitive complexity in modelling the group decision process
  6. L. Duta, F. Gh. Filip, J.M. Henrioud
    Automated Disassembly: Main Stage in Manufactured Products Recycling
  7. L. Duta, F. Gh. Filip, J.M. Henrioud
    Conceptual control
  8. L. Duta, F. Gh. Filip, J.M. Henrioud
    A Method for Dealing with Multi-Objective Optimization Problem of Disassembly Processes
  9. Filip, F.G., D.A. Donciulescu, Cr. I. Filip (2003).
    Towards intelligent real-time decision support systems.In: Advances in Automatic Control
    ( Mihail Voicu ,Ed.) . Kluwer Academic Publishers, Boston/Dordrecht/London, 2003,
    p 71-84.
  10. F.G.Filip (2004)
    Sisteme suport pentru decizii: o incercare de istoric" Informatica Economica
    Vol VIII, nr 1/2 2004, pag.5-11.
  11. F.G. Filip, H.Dragomirescu, Rolanda Predescu and R. Ilie1
  12. Constantin B. Zamfirescu, Florin G. Filip
    Supporting Self-Facilitation in Distributed Group Decisions
  13. C.B. Zamfirescu, B. Bărbat, F.G. Filip
    The "coach" metaphor in CSCW decision making system design